Gothenburg will expand CC to include foreign vehicles


As part of the October budget, the Swedish government has committed to expanding the Gothenburg congestion charge to include foreign vehicles. The amount of revenue expected to be generated by the move is not yet clear, however the government estimates the change could rasie SEK16.8 million (€1.8 million) per year, which could rise to as much as SEK24 million (€2.6 million). Funds from the charge will continue to be invested in public transport and the local road network.

The treasury is unable to specify how much money will be available, although expects to invest approximately SEK672 million (€73 million) by 2015.The Swedish government and Gothenburg ruling parties also reaffirmed their commitment to the charge, despite 57 per cent of residents voting against the charge in a recent city-wide referendum.

Article taken from the November 2014 issue of RUC Magazine