Big plans in Philippines

Major plans to complete several toll road connection projects in the Philippines are being escalated.

Metro Pacific Investments Corp, the Philippines’ conglomerate led by industrialist Manuel V. Pangilinan, is reportedly aiming to complete all toll road projects – valued at more than 30 billion Philippines Pesos (c£400 million)– by the time Aquino finishes his term as president in 2016.

These toll road projects include the P1.6bn Segment 9 and the P10.5bn Segment 10.1 Harbor Link road and the P18bn Segment 10.2 of the NLEX-SLEX connector road.

The 2.42-kilometer, four-lane Segment 9 four-lane from the Smart Connect interchange to MacArthur Highway is due to start in May 2014 and be completed in June 2014.

Metro Pacific Tollways Development Corp and state-owned Philippine National Construction Corp have signed a joint venture agreement, allowing Manila North Tollways Corp to start the construction of the P18bn (c£240m) Metro Expressway link.

The proposal is still awaiting approval by the government, but if work begins as planned this July, the project is expected to be complete by July 2016.