Neuron EV reveals e-mobility plans


Automotive company Neuron EV has announced plans to develop all-electric buses and charging stations that support smart city development.

Though technical details remain scarce, the e-buses, which can be operated by a driver or autonomously, are modular and can be developed as mini buses, transit buses, or articulated buses, making them available to different communities and infrastructures. The e-bus can also be converted into a metro train due to its compatibility with high-speed railways.

Aiming to create a new mobility experience akin to those “had in a modern home, luxury hotel or in a lounge club”, each bus comes with a social lounge, a cinema integrated entertainment space, sleeping quarters, business working stations and two bathrooms.

The company’s planned charging stations – dubbed Renewable Energy Plazas (REPs) – are built to be modular for expansion and connection to other REPs. Each self-sustainable energy centre provides energy from solar panel generated electricity, fuel-cell stored electricity, and wireless rapid charging from an electric generator. They can also provide maintenance services and battery swapping.

Billed by Edward Lee, CEO, Neuron EV, as a “technology centre for leisure where people can enjoy their time while charging their electric vehicles”, each REP features food, beverage, and entertainment integrated within a virtual shopping mall that offers browsing and transactions conducted through large digital screens with live stream shopping. It also has a drone delivery system where people can shop and receive their items with expedited service.

The REP is also an experience centre for test driving and learning more about Neuron’s electric vehicles.