Aberdeen City Council to deliver dual-fuel hydrogen road sweeper


Aberdeen City Council has added a new hybrid hydrogen fuel vehicle to its existing large hydrogen fleets: a dual fuel hydrogen road sweeper. The vehicle is a converted EURO 6 DAF truck provided by ULEMCo – an ultra-low emission hydrogen-fuelled commercial vehicle company.

The converted road sweeper has been converted to run on both diesel and hydrogen. It is to use hydrogen for around a third of its use, giving emission saving of roughly 30 per cent. ULEMCo believe this makes the vehicle the best in class for both CO2 and air quality emissions.

CEO of ULEMCo Amanda Lyne, said: “This latest initiative further demonstrates the potential for hydrogen dual fuel to make a significant impact on reducing diesel emissions from commercial vehicles. We have demonstrated how ULEMCo technology can be applied to many different vehicles, with practical and measurable benefits.”

Aberdeen City Council’s hydrogen spokesperson, Cllr Philip Bell, explains that introducing its first hydrogen road sweeper is part of the of Aberdeen’s “strategy to increase the deployment of hydrogen vehicles across the city”. This will help keep the city at “the forefront globally by demonstrating the practicality and operational flexibility of hydrogen technologies,” says Bell.

“Low carbon technology is already making an impact in Aberdeen and we are committed to continuing to push boundaries in the way we manage our own fleet,” continues Bell. “Our investment in low carbon is significant and is part of our wider transport strategy, with a focus on infrastructure which is changing the way traffic flows around the city. All of these advances are bringing great benefit to Aberdeen.”

The delivery of the hydrogen sweeper is part of project HyTIME, within the Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial. The project is funded by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) in partnership with Innovate UK.