Audi optimises fleet with Fleetonomy


Audi Business Innovation has taken on Fleetonomy’s Advanced Multi-Service Fleet Platform to manage its multi-service mobility offering and maximise company assets, drive higher utilisation and increase revenue.

Fleetonomy Founders Lior Gerenstein (Left) and Israel Duanis (Right)

Fleetonomy’s platform provides vehicle demand prediction, customer analytics, and fleet optimisation insights to help improve real-time decision making in day-to-day fleet operations. The platform is capable of managing mixed fleets, including both autonomous and human-driven vehicles.

“As the industry transforms, automotive manufacturers are expanding their role as providers of on-demand transportation services and are looking for efficient ways to manage their fleets according to dynamic demand and supply,” said Fleetnomy Co-Founder & CEO Israel Duanis.

“Audi has always aspired to provide a great experience by advancing through innovation and technology. By taking an innovative multi-service approach, Fleetonomy’s platform showed great success in improving fleet efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs associated with utilization and operation according to fleet constraints,” said Nils Noack, mobility strategy, Audi Business Innovation.

“We’re looking forward to exploring further the opportunity to leverage Fleetonomy’s AI-based fleet management platforms and to pushing Audi’s vision of innovative mobility services.”