BMW Group invests in two new electric trucks


BMW Group, ARS Altmann AG and SCHERM Group now have three electric trucks working as part of their logistics operations at their home plant in Munich. The company will be able to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 82 tons annually thought the use of the e-trucks.

The first e-truck was introduced in 2015 and used by logistics company, ARS Altmann AG, to transport new cars to customers. The e-truck takes a 15-kilometere route through Munich to deliver the cars and on the way back the e-truck is loaded with finished vehicles from the BMW plant. Dr. Maximilian Altmann, CEO of ARS Altmann AG, explained that “with our rail transport systems, we have been contributing to taking heavy goods traffic off the roads for years. It is now time for us to play a role also in putting zero-emission trucks on the road. Together with the BMW Group, we want to drive emission reductions in Munich’s city traffic.”

As a partner, the SCHERM Group has been cooperating with the BMW group on matters concerning sustainable city logistics over two years now. Both companies were pleased with their experience with the first e-truck. Kurt J. F. Scherm, CEO of the SCHERM Group, explained: “The successful pilot project with our first e-truck launched in 2015 has motivated us to pursue this course further and use electrified vehicles on additional routes. The new supply center in Karlsfeld is ideal for this purpose.”

The e-truck travels eight times between the SCHERM logistics centre and BMW Group Plant Munich daily. When compared to a conventional truck, this saves around 48 tons of CO2 annually. SCHERM logistics now delivers vehicle components from its supply centre in Karlsfeld to the Munich plant using the second e-truck. These e-trucks use a combination of green energy and alternative drives, making them emission free, generating almost no particulate matter pollution.

“With three electric trucks, we are setting another strong example for resource-saving production in the heart of Munich. We are proud to be a pioneer in sustainable city logistics since 2015 and to make a contribution to reducing emissions in the city by around 82 tonnes,” adds Dr. Milan Nedeljkovic, director of BMW Group Plant Munich.

This is good news for Munich city and marks a cleaner and greener future.  The City of Munich’s director business development noted that the “topic of reducing CO2 emissions is more relevant than ever. We are therefore delighted that the BMW Group, together with its logistics service providers, is expanding its fleet of e-trucks and making a forward-looking contribution to reducing emissions in the city of Munich.”