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How can authorities ensure the safety of active commuters?

With cities everywhere implementing measures to re-configure their streets to encourage safer active travel and social distancing, authorities mustn’t forget about the danger from the vehicular traffic walkers and cyclists are sharing the roads, warns Anusha Rajasooriya, safety consultant at TRL.

The road to real-world deployment of autonomous vehicles

Mike Brown, director of industry collaboration and strategic partnerships at the University of Salford, explains why legislation, regulation, and insurance must all be addressed before real-world deployment of self-driving vehicles is achieved.

Covid-19: six-point plan for the ‘new normal’

Stagecoach chief executive Martin Griffiths outlines out a six-point plan for the ‘new normal’ during Covid-19, identifying the key role of public transport and the short- and long-term changes that he believes will help reboot Britain’s economy and protect communities.