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Toll Road Evaders Have a Bad Day

Toll violation can run into some serious money. IBTTA’s Bill Cramer looks at how some US authorities are clawing back lost toll revenue…

Mind your language!

The 13th Annual Road User Charging Conference takes place March 2-3, 2016, in Brussels. Conference chair, Keith Mortimer, calls for delegates to enjoy healthy debate at the event

A social problem

Elected officials will often say that the most important element of any successful political campaign is noise. Without adequate noise both politicians and the public will find it easy to ignore the issue and even the best ideas will perish. The broadcast power of social media has the ability to amplify a single dissenting voice […]

One step forward, one step back

In the past month, California has taken a significant stride forth in the road user charging space by passing bill 1077 in the state senate. Meanwhile, France has taken a giant leap backward by suspending the planned ecotax on HGVs indefinitely. One step forward, one step back. While the passing of one bill is a […]