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US boy toll roads party

A US boy themed his fifth birthday party to be related to the local toll roads.

Devon toll a hoax (UK)

Claims that drivers using the new South Devon Highway will have to pay a toll have turned out to be a hoax.

130,000 avoid Dartford crossing toll in first month

130,000 avoid Dartford crossing toll in first month

Over 130,000 drivers have failed to pay the £2.50 (€3.40) fee during the Dartford crossing’s first month of free-flow operation. Toll booths on the bridge were scrapped on 30th November in favour of a new free flow system. Drivers are now encouraged to pay either online, via telephone or by opening an account. During the […]

Fleeing driver caught paying toll

A suspected drunk motorist who managed to evade police was caught as he stopped to pay the toll on the Tyne tunnel. Hargit Bariana was spotted driving erratically on the A19, but failed to stop when signalled by a passing police officer. Mr Bariana was later apprehended at the entrance to the Tyne tunnel and […]

Florida cop uses stolen tags

A police detective faces multiple felony charges for using stolen license plates to avoid paying toll charges on Florida’s turnpike. Detective Octavio Oliu surrendered to law enforcement agencies in Sweetwater more than one year after he was initially suspended. Oliu faces charges of official misconduct and organised scheme to defraud. Oliu’s lawyer C. Michael Cornerly […]

Parental guidance

A father was left outraged with his son following an $18,000 (€16,500) bill for unpaid tolls and fines. Tom Rose from Poulsbo, Washington says that his son crossed the 520 bridge in Seattle every day to get to work and had forgotten to open an account with the bridge operator, Good To Go. Mr Rose […]

Wrong turn

Motorists on the Din Daeng-Bangna expressway in Bangkok have been caught driving the wrong way in order to avoid paying the toll. In an attempt to tackle road snarls, police and expressway authorities removed a section of traffic barriers, allowing vehicles to cross lanes and avoid detection. Due to an unclear mandate on which agency […]