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Cardiff considering congestion charge

A £2 charge could be applied to non-Cardiff residents who drive into the Welsh city as part of a 10-year plan to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

LA considers introducing county-wide congestion relief pricing

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) has awarded contracts to two consultancies to begin an 18-24 month feasibility study to evaluate the possibility of congestion relief pricing to improve mobility across the region.

A progress report on US toll system interoperability

Kevin Hoeflich, chairman, toll services, and senior vice president for HNTB, explains how the US toll industry is making significant strides toward realising its goal of national interoperability.

Norbit present a new application for DSRC.

In 2019, the European Union is planning to phase out the existing Digital Tachograph under the recent EU-regulation 165/2014 which enhances the Digital Tachograph, pushing for the use of a Smart Tachograph.

New Zealand case study from EROAD

Last year, New Zealand reached a milestone with over 50 per cent of all road user charges from heavy vehicles being collected electronically.  

emovis equips A25 in Canada with All Electronic Tolling solution

Late last year, emovis successfully upgraded the All Electronic Tolling Systems on the Concession A25 Highway. All customer accounts and financial records were migrated seamlessly over a holiday weekend to avoid affecting revenue streams of the concessionaire.

Kapsch TrafficCom to implement tolling scheme in Bulgaria

Earlier this year Kapsch TrafficCom signed a contract with Bulgaria to set up a nationwide tolling system. The contract was signed by Michael Weber, on behalf of the Kapsch Traffic Solutions consortium, and by the chairman of the Bulgarian Roads Infrastructure Agency, Doncho Atanasov. The implementation of the project began immediately.