Companies need to be able to test cars in real conditions, says DAV


The automotive and transportation industries are currently undergoing their biggest revolution and technology advances will soon make autonomous vehicles an integral part of our daily lives predicts Decentralised Autonomous Vehicles (DAV) Foundation CCO John Frazer.

Renault Samsung has recently received permission to test its self-driving vehicles on Korean Roads and Frazer fully supports this: “Licences like this one greatly improve the pace of research and development for automated vehicle systems. Companies like Renault Samsung need to be able to test cars in real conditions, not just on isolated test tracks, to assess their viability,” he said.

We are witnessing daily how all the car manufacturers are shifting from just being vehicle makers to mobility providers. For that to happen, without fragmenting the industry and creating a ‘winner takes all’ situation with a lot of losers, we need cross-industry standards and an open means for cooperation,” he continued.

“The autonomous vehicle space is still in its infancy. No-one can be sure where the next big breakthrough will come from. The more groups that can develop this technology and expand the ecosystem, the closer we get as a community to making autonomous vehicles a reality. Granting licences to test this technology in real world environments is a pivotal part of this.”