Daimler seeks to electrify the bus network


The new Mercedes-Benz all-electric eCitaro bus which produces zero-emissions and runs almost silently is to go out this year with its accompanying eco-system.

The vehicles run on lithium-ion batteries with a total capacity of up to about 243 kWh and the eCitaro’s charging technology also allows it to adjust to the individual wishes and requirements of the transport operators. Plug in charging is available and, in the future, there will be an option to charge via via a pantograph.

The eCitaro features an energy efficient thermal management system and reliability of range, enabling cover a large part of the requirements of the transport operators right from the start. “We want electric commercial vehicles that function reliably under all conditions,” said member of the board of management at Daimler AG responsible for Daimler Trucks & Buses Martin Daum, “Reliability is especially important for city buses and the public transport network because here it’s all about transporting people – safely and punctually.”

The e-busses also come with a supporting integrated eMobility system to provide full service, maintenance and repair. “The new Mercedes-Benz eCitaro is the kick-off for an innovation initiative to electrify the public transport network. In doing so, we are offering our customers more than just a battery concept, rather a complete eMobility system,” said EvoBus chairman and head of daimler busses Till Oberwörder.