Devon toll a hoax (UK)

Road User Charging

Claims that drivers using the new South Devon Highway will have to pay a toll have turned out to be a hoax.

The proposal for toll booths on the link road were said to have appeared on the official South Devon Link Road Project website.

The prospect of having to pay to use the new road between Newton Abbot and Torquay caused some alarm.

But Torbay MP Kevin Foster reassured residents it was a hoax. “I have had a couple of residents get in touch after falling for a hoax on social media which claims that toll booths are to be installed on the South Devon Link Road.

“A practical joker has taken the timeline available on the project’s website and removed the words ‘Edginswell Junction Due To Be Completed’ and replaced it with a line about toll booths.

“Sadly there appears to be a lot of people who will believe anything they see on the internet, despite it being so easy to produce a forged image.

“There are no plans for tolls of any sort on the new link road.”

Torquay Herald Express, 3rd November