emovis equips A25 in Canada with All Electronic Tolling solution

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Late last year, emovis successfully upgraded the All Electronic Tolling Systems on the Concession A25 Highway. All customer accounts and financial records were migrated seamlessly over a holiday weekend to avoid affecting revenue streams of the concessionaire.

emovis engineered a solution which sets the future direction of tolling for highway operators. The solution ensures improved operational efficiency, providing flexibility in moving to new interoperability standards, as well as enhancing the customer experience providing an overall solution that guarantees every penny of revenue.

The new systems installed by emovis incorporates the use of multiprotocol readers that accept new 6C RFID tags and E-ZPass transponders, as well as the existing 6B tags, which enables a smooth transition for customers whilst they make the transition to the use of the new 6C tags.

The new system also offers a new multi-lingual tolling back office application, offering the operator a simplified interface that gives greater flexibility. The tolling solution also offers an adjacent mobile application that will be directly interfaced with the new back-office. This will draw upon emovis’ successful QuikPay mobile app that was originally developed for Ireland’s M50 barrier-free toll system.

To provide further support, emovis provide a 24-hour services through its subsidiary located in Montreal.