GASAG and ubitricity work to advance electric mobility


Berlin based energy services provider GASAG and ubitricity are working together to offer a favourable mobile electricity tariff and advantageous charging infrastructure to accommodate the tariffs. Together, they aim to accelerate the implementation of electric mobility, having recognised its increasing popularity.

Matthias Trunk, member of the managing board, says : “We are very excited to offer a new field of products and services with ubitricity, making electric mobility accessible for everyone.”

This cooperative partnership allows users to buy an intelligent charging cable that comes with a bundled mobile electricity contract, which works just like a regular electricity contract. There is a monthly base fee of € 9.90 and a price per kilowatt hour of € 0.30/kWh. Mobile electric meters are integrated into the cable, allowing users to be billed at respective charging spots where they will benefit from full transparency.

“With our leasing product for the electric smart, we at GASAG have already shown our commitment to the energy and traffic transition. For our customers as well as for the city of Berlin,” says Trunk. Dr. Frank Pawlitschek, CEO of ubitricity adds: “The city of Berlin is our home – which is why we care especially for Berlin. We are very happy that GASAG has opted for us to enhance their product portfolio in this future market and are looking forward to the cooperation.”