Germany introduces dedicated micromobility parking spaces


The Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection in Germany has issued a new set of rules and specifications for parking spaces for e-scooters and cargo bikes.

The specifications for this new parking infrastructure aim to decrease sidewalk clutter that e-scooters are often criticised for.

By creating dedicated parking spaces for e-scooters with proper infrastructure, German authorities hope that riders will park their scooters in a way that doesn’t disturb pedestrians or block pavements in potentially hazardous ways.

The initiative is a response to an increased use of micromobility solutions in Germany and to solve the issue of pavement protection brought by the use of these vehicles on sidewalks, according to authorities.

The new rules will be applicable on all roads with a maximum speed of 30km/h (19mph), and will be open for regular bicycles as well.

Another hope German authorities have with this introduction is that the public land needed to implement these new two-wheeler parking spaces will be taken from existing parking infrastructure currently dedicated to cars.