Government launches e-bike cycle scheme


The Government has launched a refreshed Cycle to Work scheme to incentivise the use of electric bikes and enable commuters to boost their health, benefit the environment and speed up their journey to work.

The e-bikes have an integrated motor that helps a cyclist pedal, allowing them to reach speeds of up to 15.5 mph. The scheme aims to make cycling more accessible for older or less fit people.

FCA authorised third party providers are able to run the scheme on their behalf, making it easier for employers to provide bicycles and equipment, including e-bikes worth over £1,000. This allows employees to save money on a new bike or accessories via a salary sacrifice scheme.

The refreshed guidance scheme helps save cyclists an estimated £7,791 over 5 years when switching from car, bus, tube or train to e-bikes, according to a survey commissioned by Evans Cycles.

“Cycling is a vital and easy way to improve air quality, reduce pollution and create vibrant towns and cities. Making sure that bikes are easily available is crucial to helping more people make the switch to greener modes of transport,” said cycling minister Michael Ellis. “Ensuring people of all abilities and fitness levels can cycle together is a key part of this. I want everyone to feel empowered to make cycling a part of their everyday lives, and our refreshed guidance provides many incentives to help people do this.”