Helicopter commuting services launch in Mexico City


Airbus Helicopters subsidiary, Vroom, has launched an on-demand helicopter booking platform. After São Paulo in Brazil, Mexico City is now the second city of offer helicopter commuting services. Mexico City was an obvious choice for Vroom as the city has substantial helicopter infrastructure in place and dedicated air traffic control for helicopters. This allows for more efficient air transportation.

Vroom was first launched in 2016 and offers on-demand helicopter bookings where passengers can request themselves a seat on a helicopter in minutes. This alternative transport offers a more efficient method of travelling to commuters as it tackles issues of rush hour traffic in one of the world’s most congested cities.

Trips can be planned up to 7 days in advance or book and take off in within the hour. There are several boarding slots per hour and passengers just need to arrive at the helipad 15 minutes before. Vroom will be available in several locations in Mexico City, such as Montes Urales, Interlomas, Mexico City International Airport and Toluca International Airport.

The route from Montes Urales to Mexico City International Airport is expected to be one of the more popular routes as typically takes two hours in rush hour will become a ten-minute journey.