HERE and Vodafone in strategic partnership


HERE technologies and Vodafone Germany are to partner up to focus on developing services for autonomous vehicles and smart cities. Their preliminary agreement signed by both companies outlined various collaborative initiatives that make use of increased vehicle connectivity, low latency cellular networks and real-time location services.

Focus will be retained on network infrastructure required for the safe and efficient operation of autonomous vehicles. Vehicle connectivity will be a critical component of autonomous driving. “Cutting-edge networks, like 5G or our machine network, are the foundation for the transport of the future as well as for smart cities,” says Hannes Ametsreiter, Vodafone Germany CEO.

HERE’s machine readable map for autonomous cars, HD Live Map, is to be tested at the Aldenhoven Testing Centre in Germany. Vodafone Germany also operate a 5G Mobility lab there. “Together with HERE we develop the 5G atlas for autonomous driving,” continues Ametsreiter, “High-precision maps and real-time connectivity come together here.”

Stefan Hansen, SVP and General Manager for EMEA at HERE Technologies also notes that “Location intelligence and enterprise-grade connectivity are at the heart of the digital era.” He adds: “Both HERE and Vodafone Germany are excited to harness the vast quantities of data generated by our cities, cars and transportation systems in powerful new services that improve people’s quality of life.”