Hyperloop passenger capsule prototype unveiled


BMW Group subsidiary Designworks has partnered with Virgin Hyperloop One and the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai (RTA) to create a prototype design for the hyperloop capsule in Dubai.

The first physical full-scale prototype was shown to the public for the first time this month. Designworks aimed to create an interior that is both comfortable and engaging despite a lack of windows and a requirement for passengers to be seated.

The interior includes digital entertainment displays and multidirectional, personally-controlled light. First-class has adjustable leather seats with touchscreens to enable personal settings for light brightness and colour. Floor lighting has been aesthetically designed to double as wayfinding.

“With the Virgin Hyperloop One design, we wanted to create a new visual expression for a new mode of public transportation” said Designworks LA studio design director Johannes Lampela.

The Virgin Hyperloop One is currently in the process of negotiating phase 2 of its development with the aim of creating the world’s first hyperloop transportation system in the Middle East.