ITM Power signs contract with Metropolitan Police


Energy storage and clean fuel company ITM Power has signed a contact with London’s Metropolitan Police. ITM Power will provide the Met Police’s new fleet of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs). ITM is also to provide shareholders with an update on the progress of hydrogen generation as well as refuelling station capacity in its UK network.

ITM Power CEO, Dr. Graham Cooley noted that he is delighted to announce the continued partnership with the Met Police and “in assisting with the roll out of their new fleet of FCEV response vehicles,” explaining that this shows “significant progress in ITM Power’s strategic objective of providing refuelling services to operators of return to base FCEV fleets with heavy cycle usage.”

Cooley continued: “Establishing the infrastructure necessary to support these types of users is a first step in building out a national network of green hydrogen refuelling stations, which is an essential precursor to the large-scale adoption of FCEVs in the longer term. Working alongside our partners, Shell, Toyota, Honda and Hyundai, we are now in a strong position to lead this large-scale adoption in the UK.”

The Metropolitan Police is actively commented to making its services environmentally friendly. Investing in a green fleet plays a role in this and the switch to hydrogen allows the Met to edge closer to its goal of introducing 550 zero or ultra-low emission vehicles by 2020.

Jiggs Bharij, head of fleet Services, Metropolitan Police said: “We are working closely with ITM Power to roll out our new fleet of zero emission vehicles. The quick refuelling time, comparable to that of a traditional internal combustion engine vehicle, and long driving range make Toyota’s hydrogen powered fuel cell electric vehicle an ideal zero emission response vehicle.”

The procurement of a new hydrogen fleet is a result of IMT announcing that it will receive £4.3m out of a total £8.8m OLEV funding. This funding will be used to expand hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in the UK as to provide 200 new Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) in the next year. Within this project, FCEVs are being adopted by emergency services such as the Metropolitan Police.

Jon Hunt, alternative fuels manager, Toyota GB said: “We are delighted that the Met Police have selected the Toyota Mirai as the new zero emission response vehicle of choice. The emergency services, taxi fleets, and other return to base vehicle operators are important early adopters of hydrogen technology which will help pave the way for more widespread adoption of FCEVs.”