Kapsch TrafficCom to implement tolling scheme in Bulgaria

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Earlier this year Kapsch TrafficCom signed a contract with Bulgaria to set up a nationwide tolling system. The contract was signed by Michael Weber, on behalf of the Kapsch Traffic Solutions consortium, and by the chairman of the Bulgarian Roads Infrastructure Agency, Doncho Atanasov. The implementation of the project began immediately.

Therefore, Kapsch TrafficCom is in charge of setting up the tolling system, including the technical configuration and providing technical support of the nationwide tolling system for trucks that are over 3.5 tons. Kapsch TrafficCom is also responsible for the introduction of an electronic vignette for passenger cars in Bulgaria.

The contract value of the project is around €78 million and it is to run for a total of 19 months, which the infrastructure is to be installed within the first seven months. This includes the delivery and setup of 500 terminals which will be used to register and issue electronic vignettes. Also included is the instalment of 100 gantries, 100 weigh-in-motion facilities, a data centre and back office.

Bulgaria will be the sixth European country in which Kapsch TrafficCom has be responsible for implementing a successful nationwide toll collection system.