Neuron EV launches modular electric trucks


Automotive company Neuron EV has unveiled a new set of electric utility vehicles. 

The Neuron EV Medium-Duty Electric Truck (MET) is a multi-functional vehicle with a wide range of applications suited for commercial use. It drives on a standard truck structure modified to integrate electric propulsion.

The rear of the MET is interchangeable, and suitable for various functions such as urban logistics, sanitation, construction, and mining. The vehicle’s structure supports both rigid and articulating truck frames, providing a flexible platform for commercial applications.

The Neuron EV Star is a multipurpose micro truck that the company hopes will disrupt the market by creating a new wave of EV culture among millennials disaffected by current vehicles that “lack practicality and prioritise style over function”.

“People carry their mobile devices everywhere because it empowers their lifestyle,” said Neuron EV branding specialist Casey Hyun. “We’ve lost that kind of car culture, and the Star is Neuron’s way of making cars more enjoyable.”