NHS and Met Police offered free access to EV charging


Source London is offering free access to its EV charge point network across the UK capital to NHS and Metropolitan Police staff to support their efforts in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

From today (31 March 2020), staff across both institutions will be granted access to free charging of their EVs across the entire Source London network in order to support their continued commute and wider operations throughout London.

These measures will remain in place until the end of April and may be renewed if required.

Any NHS staff who do not currently have a Source London membership will also be offered six free months of subscription if they start a Source London membership within the next three months.

Christophe Arnaud, managing director of Source London, said: “The NHS and Met Police continue to fight this on the front-line 24/7, and by offering them free access to our entire charge point network we hope we can help to assist with their movements across the city.”

Source London, which currently offers over 1,300 charge points throughout London, said it plans to remain operational while the UK remains in lockdown.

Its operations and maintenance team will be on the road to ensure that its network remains fully operational and reliable for key workers and those delivering essential services.

The company’s engineers will visit charge points using private vehicles, and those who used to work in teams now work alone.

When maintaining the charge points, Source London employees have been directed to use disposable gloves and alcohol-based disinfectant spray to wipe the charge point before and after each visit.

The company is also providing employees with hand sanitiser gel for their personal use.

Furthermore, all new planned installations have also been paused for the time being in order to minimise risks.

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