Road User Charging Conference 2018

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The Road User Charging Conference will be held on the 7th and 8th of March 2018 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Brussels. The conference will feature speakers from all over the world and provide insight into issues and trends pervading the road pricing and intelligent transportation system industries. Topics will include observations of the role road pricing plays in conjunction with sustainable transport, issues of interoperability and technology.

Over the course of the two days, attendees are encouraged to be inquisitive and ask questions and will have opportunities to participate in discussions. In addition to this, there will multiple networking breaks during the day as well as a drinks reception hosted by our lead partner.

Speakers from Norway, Slovenia, USA, Singapore, Netherlands, Belgium and many more will also be present to provide case studies and insights into any strategies or projects that have been implemented to address issues of tolling, sustainability and future innovation for the transport industry. Likewise, the European Commission will be sharing updates on the EU legislation on road user charging.

Speakers also include the likes of organisations such as the Road Haulage Association, Transport & Environment and the Nordic Logistics Association. They will impart their views on the both current and future issues of road pricing and what this means for road users, operators and network providers. Organisation representatives will be addressing questions of how countries will be affected by the changing legislation – taking into consideration external costs of transport, quality of infrastructure, reduction of CO2 emissions and the fair distribution of costs through the use of road charging.

The Road User Charging Conference will also feature sessions from tolling solution providers who will discuss the latest tolling solutions and future innovations, looking at the inexorable links between road policy, global market trends and road pricing solutions. Questions of who pays versus who benefits from road charging will be explored, in addition to how tolling can be made easier for users and improve road network efficiency.

To register or download the agenda, please visit our Road User Charging Conference website.