Sydney Harbour Bridge & Tunnel contract for Kapsch TrafficCom (AUS)


Kapsch TrafficCom Australia Pty Ltd has announced it has been chosen to fully replace the existing road tolling system for Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel operated by the New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services (RMS).

With a value of more than €10m, the contract comprises supply of a new tolling system, as well as maintenance and support for five years. The system is expected to be operational by early 2017.

“We are proud to add this worldwide known bridge in Sydney Harbour to the references we already have with the Golden Gate or the Oresund Bridge”, says André Laux, COO of Kapsch TrafficCom AG. “Especially exciting for us is that our technology both fulfils a practical as well as an aesthetic purpose. It is about a better use of existing infrastructure and a reduction of visual disturbance.”

sydney-1234970Currently using an existing automated solution installed in the pre-existing manual toll plazas built when tolls were paid in cash, the new Sydney Harbour Bridge system will allow toll plazas to be removed and the traffic flow on the bridge to be improved. The Sydney Harbour Tunnel has a slightly newer setup without plazas, but will be upgraded as part of the contract to the latest tolling technology. Kapsch will deliver the latest in tolling technology based on the company’s single gantry multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) platform and Next Vehicle Detection and Classification (N-VDC) solution.

The new contract sees further expansion for Kapsch in Sydney. In October 2015 the company received a contract worth €6.5m to expand its scope in the WestConnex Motorway Project by another 10 tolling segments.

Image credit | Ben Earwicker | Garrison Photography, Boise, ID