Ultra-fast EV charging station revealed


Energy company E.ON and Volkswagen Group Components are developing an ultra-fast EV charging station that could pave the way for the development of a dense public network of such charge points. 

According to VW, the current prototype integrates a battery system that could make it possible to install ultra-fast charging stations “almost anywhere and at significantly lower cost without civil engineering or mains connection”.

E.ON said it is seeing demand for this solution from municipal utilities and local authorities as well as from filling stations and service areas.

In addition, the offer is tailored to the electrification of retail parking lots and logistics companies such as parcel services.

Thomas Schmall, chairman of the board of management of Volkswagen Group Components, said: “The flexible ultra-fast charging station developed by us is an important component for a comprehensive network of charging points.

“At the same time, its innovative approach to quick and easy installation enables us to meet the needs of our customers.

“The cooperation with E.ON is an important step towards integrating this technology into the charging infrastructure quickly and in line with demand.”

The hardware component is an innovation of Volkswagen Group Components combined with E.ON’s operator system and market knowledge

Operating under the plug-and-play principle, once the stations are installed and connected operators can configure them online. The quick charging system can charge two EVs with up to 150kW of power at the same time, thus providing an additional range of around 200km in 15 minutes.