ViaVan comes to London


ViaVan was originally launched in the US as joint venture by Mercedes-Benz Vans and start-up company ViaVan. This month ViaVan has made an appearance on the streets on London after being granted the license to operate to London authorities.

ViaVan provides users with an innovative on-demand ride-sharing service that is ecologically and economically valuable addition to other mobility services in London. The service will operate in central London zones (1 and 2) and will be come at an introductory price of £3.

The service works by combining travel requests that have similar goals in real time. This results in efficient rides that have minimal delays due to a specialised algorithm as well minimal detours thanks to intelligent route planning.

Passengers are picked up at virtual stops by a professional driver. By grouping together rides provides a sustainable relief of city traffic as well as increasing mobility capacity.

London is the second European city to introduce ViaVan, with Amsterdam being the first. Other cities to expect a launch of the service, including Berlin.