Waymo share some key figures


4 million – that is how many miles Waymo’s fleet of self-driving vehicles has driven on public roads. These 4 million experiences have allowed Waymo to share some key numbers:

6 months is how long it took to cover their last million miles compared to when they gained their first million in 18 months.

23 is the number of cities in North America where Waymo have tested their autonomous vehicles, driving in various conditions and terrains, from hills to dust storms.

20,000 is how many different scenarios to be conducted on a test track, each made to be unique, bearing a similarity to public roads and to practice dealing with common road scenarios. Even the rarest of behaviours, such as people jumping out of bags, are tested.

2.5 billion is the number of miles driven in simulations in year.

25,000 is the amount of virtual self-driving cars that practice hard cases, that Waymo have already come across on the road, in a single day. Alternatively, the cars re-drive the exiting miles driven for an improved and accelerated pace of learning.

By doing so, Waymo have successfully created vehicles with the necessary driving skills necessary for full autonomy. Waymo said on their blog: “We’ve been able to unlock an entire geographic area for our fully self-driving cars, and soon members of the public will get to use Waymo’s driverless service to go to work, to school, to the grocery store and more. Unlocking self-driving cars across an entire city, rather than simply traveling along a single fixed route, will let more people access and benefit from this technology, sooner.”