Travelling at sixty minutes an hour

Keith Mortimer proposes to give motorists the time of their life When I used to work in an office near London, the first twenty minutes of each day were spent dissecting that morning’s car journey to work: A scandalised account of 45 minutes taken to move two miles on the A3. Waiting at the worst […]

One step forward, one step back

In the past month, California has taken a significant stride forth in the road user charging space by passing bill 1077 in the state senate. Meanwhile, France has taken a giant leap backward by suspending the planned ecotax on HGVs indefinitely. One step forward, one step back. While the passing of one bill is a […]

Devices and decisions

Justin Hamilton explores whether technology can make a difference to the way users perceive tolling and road user charges There are many different ways an operator can receive monies and manage transactions with the end user, ranging from manual cash payments to automatic direct debits. On a recent drive across Portugal, your correspondent paid €13.75 […]

Best practice on show in Brussels

The annual Road User Charging conference was held in Brussels for the fifth time in its 11 year history, welcoming speakers and delegates from over 20 different countries across Europe and North America. Returning chairman Keith Mortimer of Wyeval Consulting began the event by echoing a sentiment familiar to policy makers androad users across the […]

Less really is more

Paradoxically, convergence and consolidation are resulting in the leading tolling system suppliers offering a wider range of products and services… Plus and even longer piece of text to describe the feature which is rather useful. Like a paragraph of introduction...

Oregon goes down the RUC road

Article taken from the July 2013 issue of RUC Magazine In 1919, Oregon became the first state to implement a gas tax comprising a 1 cent per gallon as a means to pay for new roads and maintain the existing road network. Like in 1919, on Sunday July 6, 2013 Oregon became the first state […]

The expanding universe

Keith Mortimer tries not to panic over some cosmic questions about the tolling universe and the probability of interoperability.quo will usually provoke a diversity of forceful responses from people, newspapers and governments. Users of road vehicles will have no natural affinity for tolls unless the perceived benefits can feed the energy field rather than dampen […]