About Us

CiTTi Magazine will keep you updated with latest city transport and traffic innovation news, as well as providing insight into the current issues, concepts and technologies that are changing the way in which we move around the city.  

 The magazine will take on a multitude of transport related topics, covering everything from electro-mobility, autonomy and intelligent transport systems to data, interoperability and artificial intelligence. Also, included is insight and analysis of the issues surrounding emissions, congestion, infrastructure, safety and much more.

 CiTTi Magazine will run alongside our annual CiTTi conference, set in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The conference unites professionals from all over the world, bringing engaging content in the form of case studies, debates and open audience discussions.  Likewise, the CiTTi brand is not complete without the CiTTi exhibition where solution providers will showcase the latest technologies that will shape our future, due to take place at the Arena MK, Milton Keynes, in June 2018. 

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