Volvo unveils first fully electric commercial truck

The Volvo FL Electric is Volvo’s first fully electric truck and is ready for urban distribution and refuse operation as well as other applications. Volvo Trucks is proud to present this first range of fully electric trucks that are ready for commercial use. An electric truck makes it possible for cities to plan housing and […]

Cardiff to introduce low emission scheme

Cardiff intends to promote the use of electrical transport by proposing to increase the number of available electrical charging points in the city. So far, an action plan has been proposed and will be discussed by Cardiff Council’s Cabinet today (19th April). The proposal is part of a report that is to be dated by […]

Dundee to invest in walking and cycling infrastructure

Dundee has received over £356,000 of funding towards surfacing and a boundary fence on a stretch of shared use path through Dundee Dock. This infrastructure is on the path completion and will open up access through the harbour area. This comes after a recent agreement between Dundee City council and Forth ports and Councillors are […]

Hubject and Daimler pilot a solution for Plug&Charge

Plug&Charge is a solution that allows to charging stations using a digital certificate via the international standard ISO 15118. This solution was generated by Berlin-based electro-mobility specialist Hubject in response to drivers having to previously needing to have a specific charging card or smartphone app to use public charging stations. Plug&Charge is available offline and […]

Relaxation of driver licensing for alternatively-fuelled vans supported by FTA

License regulations are being relaxed for some drivers of alternatively-fuelled vans and the FTA has announced that it welcomes this good news. “FTA is delighted the government has listened to the logistics industry and taken this positive step to make it easier for transport and freight companies to operate electric vehicles,” says FTA environment policy […]