DHL pilots e-cargo bikes in Miami


The City of Miami has partnered with DHL Express and mobility logistics hub Reef Technology to pilot four low-powered electric-assist e-cargo bikes for deliveries across the city.

​The e-Cargo Cycles will come equipped with three wheels and a cargo container. They’re capable of pulling up to 400 lb (180kg) or 60ft3 in volume.

All four three-wheeled e-cycles are equipped with accompanying cargo container and are capable of pulling up to 400 lb (180kg) or 60ft3 in volume

The bikes are anticipated to reduce 101,000kg of CO2 annually, and should help DHL achieve its short-term goal of “clean pickup and delivery solutions” for 70% of operations by 2025.

Ken Russell, commission vice chair, whose district includes downtown Miami, said: “I’m proud to have sponsored many of the City of Miami’s mobility ventures.

“This is another excellent partner in our efforts to balance the needs of residents and businesses in our urban core.”

Reef manages the hubs that will serve as the home base for the e-cargo cycles that DHL is using during this pilot

The pilot aims to benefit congestion and the environment, as each bike takes “one conventional delivery van off the road, reducing road traffic, noise and pollution while still providing fast efficient deliveries for customers,” according to the DHL announcement.

A DHL truck will carry up to nine cargo containers for the bikes, which will be sent to the Reef Hub to be hooked up to the bikes for last-mile delivery in the morning.

Those same containers can be reloaded in the afternoon for outbound shipments.

DHL couriers will also undergo training to operate the bikes to ensure compliance with federal, state and local traffic laws.

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