Go North East and Co-Wheels launch shared mobility solution

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UK regional bus company Go North East and Newcastle-based car club operator Co-Wheels have announced the launch of a shared mobility solution that combines both bus and car use.

Flexility is a smartcard-based season ticket designed to enable customers to use a bus for their regular journeys and still have access to a car when needed without owning one.

Flexility can be used on Go North East buses and includes car club membership on a single smartcard, which means it works as both a bus ticket and car club membership key.

It’s hoped that the new product will play an important role in doing more to ease congestion and improve air quality.

Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne mayor, said: “We need an integrated transport system. One that gives people the flexibility they need for work, education and leisure and at the same time is better for the environment.

“This new shared mobility solution, a collaboration between local businesses, is going in the right direction. It will make low carbon public transport a more attractive option for most journeys and reduce the need for car ownership.

“All of us will benefit from the likely improvement in air quality and reduced congestion on our roads.”

The car club offer sits on top of a Go North East bus season ticket on a smartcard that includes free car club membership, £30 driving credit and no monthly subscription fees.

Existing Go North East smartcard holders can request a free upgrade to Flexility, and existing Co-Wheels subscribers are being offered a 15% discount on Go North East bus season tickets.

An online car club registration process checks driving licence eligibility and links the smartcard to a user’s account.

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