Duckt to build e-scooter charging dock network

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Duckt is developing docking, charging and locking stations, in partnership with FarkLabs, for e-bikes and e-scooters.

The Turkish manufacturers’ docking, charging and locking station consists of a what it describes as a ‘patented plug and play docking device’ that features a connecting adapter that fits almost all e-scooter models in the market

Duckt said that its docking stations will be installed in what it describes as ‘micromobility areas’ as well as parking spaces and privately held businesses “throughout major cities and markets around the world, providing a convenient, safe and cost-effective space to charge, dock and service e-vehicles”.

The Duckt docking stations also include a universal adaptor and are internet connected. To that end Duckt is developing a mobile app that will interface with docking stations and provide users with available locations as well as ‘real-time e-vehicle availability’.