Ohme Home Pro charger compliant with forthcoming UK government regulations

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EV charging provider Ohme has announced that its Home Pro charger fully complies with new UK government regulations for smart chargers due to come into effect on 01 July 2022.

Intended to help the National Grid adapt to the new demands of EVs and encourage drivers toward using smarter tariffs to avoid charging during peak hours, the forthcoming regulations mean that all home and workplace electric car chargers will need to have smart charging capability.

The new regulations also mean that all smart chargers need to have a data connection that has the ability to measure and transmit records so that drivers can view their charging history.

Ohme’s Home Pro smart charger is already fully compliant and can randomly delay charging by up to 10 minutes to reduce any spikes in demand.

“Ohme is delighted to announce that it has already completed the changes needed to make the Home Pro compliant with the new smart charger regulations arriving in July 2022,” said David Watson, CEO of Ohme.

“Any EV drivers choosing an Ohme charger don’t need to be concerned about the new regulations as it is already compliant. Existing Home Pro owners won’t have to worry either as Ohme’s app will update adding these new functions.”

Ohme’s Home Pro can connect with the grid in real time, automatically adjusting the charging for drivers to take advantage of low price charging at all times and not only particular set hours.

Using the Ohme app, drivers can set the Home Pro to charge their EV when prices drop below a certain point and save up to £1,000 by smart charging their EV compared to charging on standard electricity rates.

Furthermore, Ohme is offering drivers the option to charge their car when renewable energy generation on the National Grid is at its highest, further lowering their CO2 impact.

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