Parkopedia introduces Park and Charge product and new head of EV

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Parkopedia has launched its ‘Park and Charge’ system, with the aim of bringing together parking and charging technology to simplify the EV driver experience.

Its in-car solution is designed to assist EV drivers find a charging location, including indoor parking facilities, and enable single sign-on payments for both parking and charging.

Static data will provide parking and EV charger information including location, pricing and restrictions. While dynamic data is used for current and predictive parking and charger availability, delivered in real-time.

The company added its solution features high-definition 3D maps of indoor parking facilities even where GPS is not available.

Furthermore, the technology will enable in-vehicle EV charger activation, regardless of service provider as well as in-vehicle EV charging payments tools. It also features a reporting and billing system.

Eugene Tsyrklevich, founder and CEO of Parkopedia, said: “Our current, award-winning and market-leading parking data and payment services means we are ideally situated within the industry to tackle the huge task of simplifying the EV charging network for drivers. With Park and Charge, we have created a service that not only solves the pain points for existing EV drivers, but provides automakers with the necessary elements to entice further drivers into electric vehicles.”

The launch of Park and Charge follows the announcement that Adam Woolway has joined Parkopedia as the new head of EV. Previously, Woolway co-founded Plugsurfing an app that assists EV drivers to find and pay for charging at more than 250,000 points across Europe.

Woolway was then CEO of Alluto, a joint venture of LG Electronics and Luxoft, focusing on automotive operating systems and in-car entertainment.

He said: “I am thrilled to join Parkopedia for the launch of its Park and Charge product which should complement their existing market-leading connected-car products and services. To be at the forefront of a major paradigm shift towards electrification that is happening in our lifetime is an honour for me, and I am looking forward to the challenge.

“I am confident the work that Parkopedia is doing in this area will greatly improve the lives of the next generation and greatly assist the transition for automakers and drivers to EVs.”

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