City centre low emission zone proposed for Edinburgh

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Plans for Edinburgh’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ) will be put to Transport and Environment Committee members this Thursday [17 June], ahead of a public consultation.

A city centre LEZ, proposed in 2019, would see all polluting vehicles with the exception of motorcycles and mopeds charged to enter the boundary.

Vehicles would be required to meet a minimum emissions standard to enter the zone freely, and those that don’t will be considered non-compliant and subject to penalties. Penalty charges are set nationally at £60 for non-compliant vehicles (though halved if paid within 30 days). The penalty rate roughly doubling for subsequent contraventions within a 90-day period.

The City of Edinburgh Council expects to implement the zone in spring 2022. However, there will be a proposed two-year grace period for Edinburgh’s LEZ, meaning enforcement will begin in spring 2024.

The Edinburgh LEZ would include Morrison Street, Torphichen Street, Palmerston
Place and Chester Street as the Western boundary

Lesley Macinnes, transport and environment convener, said: “A great deal of analysis and monitoring has gone into the latest proposals for a Low Emission Zone in Edinburgh. This takes into account the urgent need to lower emissions for the good of our health, while remaining aware of the impact on local businesses, residents and on traffic patterns.

“We know from our consultation in 2019 that lowering air pollution matters to everyone, so I look forward to hearing from the public on the preferred option, if approved by committee.”

If the scheme is approved, a 12-week public consultation would be carried, this would inform a report back to the committee in the autumn.

Karen Doran, transport and environment vice convener, said: “We have committed to introducing a Low Emission Zone, both under the national drive to implement LEZs across the country but also through the City Mobility Plan, as part of our plans to deliver a more sustainable, environmentally friendly transport future in Edinburgh.

“We will continue to work closely with residents, businesses and stakeholders as we move a step closer to its introduction, ensuring everyone is well prepared for the changes.”

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