Naurt unveils hyper-precise tracking software that improves GPS

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UK geo-location start-up Naurt has given full public access to its software which is designed to provide hyper-precise location tracking.

Following a year of beta testing with a pilot group of local and international businesses and governments, Naurt has now made its software accessible to any and all businesses around the globe. The Brighton-based start-up said its plug-and-play toolkit currently has no direct competitors and promises to deliver 45 times more accurate location data when used indoors or outdoors and across borders.

Current Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology cannot ensure accuracy in built-up areas, where even a reasonably large tree can make pinpointing an exact location impossible, according to the company.  It added even in open spaces, industries that rely on knowing where something is in relation to something else are still using outdated technology that is good enough at best.

Naurt added its software does not replace the satellite location services businesses currently use. Instead, it integrates with it and works to fix the problems that cause the location data to be inaccurate. Where businesses might currently be able to pinpoint a location to within around 20 metres, integrating Naurt could improve accuracy to within centimetres.

Naurt’s software can improve accuracy to within centimetres

Jack Maddalena, co-founder and CEO of Naurt, said: “Naurt is making geo-location ultra-precise. Standard satellite location services are no longer fit for purpose and are costing businesses and people time, money and safety. We have created the world’s first platform that is able to improve on this without the need for extra hardware. The work we are doing will be transformational for people and businesses around the world”.

In a recent pilot for a large micromobility company, Naurt corrected location fixes by an average of 14.6 metres with a maximum correction of as much as 78 metres. Adding the software to the fleet made it possible for the company to expand into built-up cities that would have previously been out of the question.

Naurt is also working with one of the largest food delivery companies and aims to improve the last-mile. “Your on-demand food delivery service cannot accurately estimate when your pizza will arrive or guarantee that it will be hot when it does” explained Maddalena.

“The restaurant cannot tell how far away your driver is or whether to wait before firing up the oven. That means your driver will wait longer when they arrive at the restaurant and fit in less deliveries that evening as a result. Once your pizza is en-route, you can only track its progress through vague updates like “on it’s way”, “around the corner” or “nearby” leaving you hanging out the window or loitering by the door waiting for them to get your location wrong – just like last time. But all that is about to change” he added.

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