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Climeworks and Reykjavik Energy partner to create permanent carbon removal solution

Climeworks has partnered with Reykjavik Energy to create a pilot plant in Iceland as part of the CarbFix2 project. This features the use of carbon removal technology that combines direct air capture technology (DAC) with geological storage that is both safe and permanent. The result is a scalable, economically-viable and safe method of removing air-captured […]

Nissan’s ProPILOT technology will be ready for use from 2020

Nissan’s fully autonomous prototype technology, ProPILOT, enables vehicles to operate on urban roads and freeways without requiring any driver interference. The only thing the driver needs to do is select a destination at the beginning of the journey using the navigation system. The ProPILOT technology has 360-degree sensing capability, which utilises 12 cameras, 9 radar […]

Trail of driverless vehicle fleet set to take place between London and Oxford

Artificial Intelligence company Oxbotica plans to further cement the UK’s place as a world leader when it comes to developing autonomous vehicles by leading the DRIVEN consortium. The project will benefit from a £8.6 million grant awarded by innovate UK aims to see a fleet of fully autonomous vehicles being deployed in both urban areas […]

HERE Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric set to partner up to create new technology

HERE Technologies and Mitsubishi Electric have announced that they will be joining forces to combine their strengths in precision location data and technology systems to bring a new level of high-tech solutions for the next generation of automobiles. Both companies will be working on technology solutions that enable cars with SAE Level 1 and 2 […]

All new petrol and diesel cars must pass new emissions test

As of the first of September, new models of petrol and diesel cars need to pass a strict emissions test before being deemed fit to drive of British roads. Vehicles will go from being tested on a rolling road in a lab, to a 90-minute test that will recreate urban, countryside and motorway driving. There […]

TRL demonstrate commitment to transforming the future of mobility

TRL has developed a blind spot stimulation rig which helps to improve truck cab designs, road layouts and aid accident investigations. The stimulator is an example of TRL’s commitment to innovative technologies and safer transportation methods.  An accurate representation of direct vision from a real-life vehicle cab is possible due to a collaboration with Volvo […]

You could be travelling on a plane fuelled by rubbish

The next plane that you board from a British airport could be fuelled by the very same things that you put into your rubbish bin to be sent to a landfill due to a new government scheme to promote clean alternative fuels. The British government is offering funding, with matching funding from industry, for the […]

Londoners are breathing in toxic air particles daily

The Mayor of London has revealed that every area of London exceeds recommended guidelines for levels of dangerous toxic particles called PM2.5. These results appeared in a report which has shown 7.9 million people to be living in areas which exceed World Health Organization air quality guidelines. PM2.5 are known have health impacts with both […]

UK companies prompted cut emissions from freight vehicles

UK companies are encouraged to compete for the chance to receive up to £15 million of government funding for research purposes to develop technology to reduce harmful emissions. Roads minister Jesse Norman called on businesses to lead research into low emission technology for lorries, cars and vans. Projects could improve the efficiency of vehicle batteries […]

The EU and India strengthen partnership to promote clean energy cooperation

Major global players in clean energy transition, India and the EU, intend to strengthen their partnership to ease and adapt to the effects of climate change and both to honour the Paris Agreement. Both have issued a Joint Summit Statement on clean energy and climate change. European Commissioner for climate action and energy Miguel Arias […]