Toyota e-Palette evolves into mobility service

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Toyota’s e-Palette autonomous electric shuttle will provide a just-in-time mobility service following the development and integration of a new operations management system that supports the OEM’s Autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service (Autono-MaaS) application.

The e-Palette was originally designed for use at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, however Toyota has since created an Autonomous Mobility Management System (AMMS) and e-Palette Task Assignment Platform (e-TAP) to dispatch necessary numbers of e-Palette vehicles where and when needed.

The autonomous shuttle is being developed into a just-in-time mobility service

The e-Palette operates based on prior planning. However, if changes occur – such as when the number of people waiting at the bus stop increases – it modifies the schedule and automatically dispatches vehicles into service in real-time, thereby reducing waiting times and relieving congestion.

Furthermore, vehicle abnormalities are also automatically detected with e-Palettes automatically returned to the depot and replacement vehicles dispatched on the route to ensure the stability of operation.

In an emergency, the vehicles can be stopped and returned to service remotely with an extra level of safety management.

The e-TAP platform dispatches the necessary number of e-Palette vehicles to where they are needed, when needed

Additionally, the e-TAP system supports the operation staff. Visualisation of abnormalities in vehicles enables workers at the operation control centre to manage several vehicles at once.

Development of the e-Palette is planned to continue at Toyota’s living laboratory, Woven City, whose ground-breaking ceremony is planned to be held on February 23.

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