Ford develops panoramic view smart mirror for van drivers

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Ford has unveiled a new mirror that enables van drivers to see cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles behind the vehicle, even with windowless rear doors or partitions in the way.

The ‘smart mirror’ resembles a regular rear-view mirror but is a high-definition screen that provides a panoramic view behind the van.

A live feed from a camera on the rear of the van is displayed on the mirror, which features automatic brightness control for visibility in daylight and at night.

What’s more, the system reportedly offers a field of view that is twice the width of a conventional rear-view mirror.

A camera is fitted on the rear door with a live feed is then displayed on the smart mirror

According to Ford, the solution has been designed to help drivers to be more aware of their surroundings, for example when approaching roundabouts, changing lanes or checking before merging or turning into side streets.

Owen Gregory, director of commercial vehicle aftersales at Ford of Europe, said: “Providing our drivers with maximum visibility – especially in urban areas where there is so much to look out for – increases their confidence and is a key part of making journeys safer for them, and for other road users as well.”

According to Ford, the new mirror could benefit businesses by reducing the need for accident damage repairs, as well as potentially contributing to lower insurance premiums.

The automotive manufacturer added that fitting the system may also improve uptime and is available for Ford Transit and Transit Custom vans fitted with windowless rear doors.

All Ford dealers can order and fit the system, which is compatible with Transit vans built from 2014 and Transit Custom models built from 2012.

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