Cron AI partners with Innoviz for smart cities adaptive perception software

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Adaptive 3D edge perception platform company Cron AI and lidar provider Innoviz Technologies will collaborate on a deep learning perception solution for the intelligent transport systems, V2X and smart city markets.

The partnership aims to deliver an enhanced deep learning enabled perception tool for 3D point cloud data on the sensing edge. It will work to accelerate the adoption of the InnovizOne lidar sensor and Cron AI’s senseEDGE platform.

SenseEDGE is designed to bridge the gap between complex 3D sensing dynamics and real-world applications. It will harness features of InnovizOne to make better use of its sensor and scanning resources.

According to the collaboration, InnovizOne’s dense and high-resolution point cloud enables senseEGDE to provide real-time, low latency, highly accurate and reliable object metadata information that is stronger than traditional object detection and tracking.

Tushar Chhabra, CEO at Cron AI, said: “Our goal is to make it easier and more compelling for new industries to access the huge value of 3D point cloud processed data.

“With InnovizOne, we can now provide customers a perception solution using perception techniques and computing architectures best suited to processing 3D data.

“This, in turn, means we can remove the layer of choices customers have been forced to make even at the early design stage. In addition to InnovizOne, our senseEDGE rugged edge computing hardware and software platform is expected to support Innoviz’s next generation products, such as the InnovizTwo, which was recently announced.

“Working hand-in-hand with Innoviz, we will deliver an out-of-the-box solution to customers who can now start building products with the confidence that critical decisions will be the right ones.”

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