Potential Bristol CAZ maps revealed

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A decision on the type of clean air zone (CAZ) to be implemented in Bristol will be made on 25 February in a council cabinet meeting, with maps of both options released.

The two maps reveal proposed boundaries of a small CAZ D area and a medium CAZ C option.

Under the first option, the CAZ would cover a small area of central Bristol where older, more polluting commercial vehicles and private cars would pay to drive in the zone.

The second option is a larger charging zone, illustrated in the map below.

Bristol’s CAZ C and D map

As previously reported by CiTTi, Bristol City Council said it had hoped the city would be able to reduce air pollution levels with a changing pattern of behaviour.

However, data and modelling has shown that a CAZ is still required to deliver compliance in the shortest possible time as required by the UK government.

Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, told Bristol24/7 that the council had both a moral and legal responsibility to deliver a plan for tackling air pollution, but said he had always stressed to the government that a CAZ was a “very blunt tool”.

“As we begin to introduce CAZ, we have to do it with a mind to the impact on household incomes and the impact on businesses,” said Rees.

“We have been making that case from the beginning. We want a just transition; we do not want the burden falling on those who are most vulnerable.”

Following the council’s decision, the plans will go to the government’s Joint Air Quality Unit on 26 February.

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