Road User Charging Conference Americas 2021: Meet the Chair – Steve Morello, Milestone Solutions

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As the countdown to Road User Charging Conference Americas 2021 continues, CiTTi meets Day 1 chair – Steve Morello, partner at Milestone Solutions…

Taking place on 10-11 March 2021 via Zoom, Road User Charging Conference Americas 2021 will bring together 27 senior-level speakers from Peru, Chile, Brazil, Jamaica, Canada and across the USA to share insight on the latest tolling technologies, road pricing projects and intelligent transport systems being implemented throughout the Americas.

Steve Morello, partner, Milestone Solutions

Name: Steve Morello

Job Role: Partner

What is the best thing about your job?
Interacting with people.

What is the biggest challenge facing those with responsibility for intelligent transportation systems and tolling/road pricing in 2021?
Force of the dramatic shift to electrification of the vehicle fleet and how to prepare for that change in terms of impact on fuel taxes as MPG climbs. Also, how the automobile industry and corresponding supply and maintenance chains will adapt.
What’s your best piece of advice for those looking to implement road user charging or tolling solutions?
Define your objectives and decide after that what approach to embark on especially for distance-based charging as part of the solution to migrate from fuel taxes. Will you do a pilot test? Or, is there the political will to move forward without addressing public acceptant? This conference, among other road pricing aspects, will enable us to hear about the varying approaches to the transition to distance-based charges.
Does legislation help or hinder development in the sector?
Without some type of legislative backing either via a law or an advisory committee with a mandate to study distance-based charging, transition from fuel excise taxes will have a reduced chance of being implemented.
How will the business of road-user charging have changed by 2030?
I believe by 2030 there will be numerous countries around the world and states and provinces in the USA, Canada and Australia that will be in the transition phase from a partial mandate for distance-based charges for electric and hybrid vehicles to a full mandate.
For sake of example, this mandate will likely comprise vehicles with fuel efficiency that is rated as better than 22 or 30 mpg (10.7 litres/100km or 7.8 litres/100km): note that EVs are rated at 100-130 MPGe (e = equivalence). We should note that two US states have opt-in programmes for electric and hybrid vehicles: Oregon and Utah. These opt-in programmes have been set up to be easily scaled up when legislation is passed to make distance-based charging mandatory for more segments of the vehicle fleet.
Why are you looking forward to chairing Day 1 of Road User Charging Conference Americas 2021? With the wind at our back, the transition to distance-based charging is picking up steam. This conference will be a great opportunity to get together since business travel is very constrained at this time and learn about current trends in road pricing.

At the conference you’ll also be able to hear from LA Metro, Cubic Transportation Systems, Mileage Based User Fee Alliance, the Eastern Transportation Coalition, IBTTA… and more! You can view the full agenda here. All times for Day 1 are shown in PST (GMT-8) and for Day 2 are shown in EST (GMT-5). All sessions will be available after the conference on-demand.

The two-day Road User Charging Conference Americas on 10 and 11 March 2021 is the perfect platform for senior decision-makers who have responsibility for tolling, intelligent transportation systems and road pricing to network and learn from experts in their field. To find out more go to:

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