E-scooter trial begins in Slough

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E-scooters will be seen on roads in Slough from today as a 12-month trial scheme launches.

The zero-emission vehicles are now allowed on roads and in the bus lanes as an alternative way to travel in Slough.

The town is one of 13 urban areas in England currently taking part in trials approved by the UK Department of Transport.

Singapore-based operator Neuron Mobility is providing 250 e-scooters to rent and 25 staff to co-ordinate the Slough Borough Council-run trial.

According to the council, staff will help riders learn how to use the e-scooters and the rules of riding as well as thoroughly cleaning them after use.

The e-scooters can be picked up and parked at 60 stations shown on the Neuron app, which also shows no ride zones. Journeys begin and end by scanning a QR code.

Single trips cost £1 to unlock the e-scooter and 18p per minute thereafter. More frequent users have the option to purchase Neuron passes on a subscription service, available for three days a week at a cost of £15, weekly at £22 and monthly at £36.

The e-scooters have a top speed of 15.5mph for experienced riders and a 9mph top speed for beginners. Each is fitted with a licence plate to deter misuse.

Cllr Rob Anderson, cabinet member for sustainable transport and the environment, Slough Borough Council, said: “Riding a Neuron e-scooter was easy to get the hang of and I can see how practical they can be as an alternative mode of transport.

“Not only can they now be ridden on Slough’s roads as part of the trial but along the bus lanes to make travelling around even easier.”

Riders must be aged over 18 years old and hold a provisional or full driving licence to be permitted to rent an e-scooter.

The e-scooters include safety features such as integrated lockable helmets, voice guidance to educate and alert riders during rides, and sensors that can tell if the e-scooter has been involved in a fall or has been left on its side.

Each is equipped with front and rear lights, which flash when breaking, so can be easily seen.

Third party insurance is included when a resident rents one of the machines.

The Slough scheme is Neuron Mobility’s first in the UK. The company is currently one of the largest operators in Australia and New Zealand, where it operates in nine cities.

For the Slough trial, Neuron Mobility’s safety course and riding guidelines have been co-developed with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

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