Moovit’s on-demand transport service launches in the Scottish Borders

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A new on-demand transport service and corresponding mobile app have been introduced to provide residents in the Scottish Borders with better access to public and shared transport.

Go Borders will begin operating on the existing Hawick – Bonchester Bridge and Ettrick Valley – Hawick/Galashiels services to provide increased and more convenient access to public transport.

The service is designed to enable residents in areas, which are not serviced by public transport routes, to access on-demand transport through the ‘Go Borders’ smart phone app or the existing telephony service.

Furthermore, the specially created mobile app shows real-time updates and allows users to view and book journeys, while also tracking the vehicle along its route.

The app allows users to view and book journeys while also tracking the vehicle along its route

Payment will then be made in the traditional way via cash or concessionary card on board the bus when passengers begin their journey.

Gordon Edgar, executive member for infrastructure, travel and transport, Scottish Borders Council, said: “Given the rural nature of so many of our communities in the Scottish Borders, the traditional forms of public transport struggle to meet the diverse travel needs of our residents.

“Go Borders will provide unprecedented flexibility and offer greater convenience for residents, especially those living in some of the most remote locations where there are little or no public transport services at present.

“I think this is an extremely positive development and look forward to exploring how services like this can be expanded geographically to other areas of the region.”

Created in partnership with Moovit, an Intel company and Mobility as a Service solutions provider, the Go Borders app is powered by Moovit’s technology, and the transport service is powered by its on-demand solution.

Yovav Meydad, Moovit’s chief growth and marketing officer, said: “We are excited to partner with Scottish Borders Council and power this new mobility offering for Scottish Borders residents for greater access to transport and shorter walk and wait times.

“Complementary to traditional modes of transport, Moovit On-Demand can help residents get around more efficiently and gain more transparency into their ride.”

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