Proposed £45bn plan to decarbonise transport across South East

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Transport for the South East (TfSE) has launched a 12-week public consultation on a £45bn plan to decarbonise the region’s transport system, level up communities and stimulate economic growth.

Over the last five years, TfSE has worked with a range of partners to investigate the challenges and opportunities of their current transport strategy and to identify interventions to improve service delivery for people, businesses and the environment.

The plan sets out the need for improved connectivity between major economic hubs, a more resilient and reliable transport network and infrastructure to decarbonise the system.

The total capital cost is predicted at £45bn over 27 years. The development is set to generate 21,000 new jobs; £4.1bn growth in GVA a year by 2050; 550,000 more rail trips a day; an additional 1.6 million bus, mass transit and ferry trips a day; and a reduction of 4.4 million car trips a day across the South East.

Councillor Keith Glazier, chair of TfSE, said: “Our plan is ambitious, but it is achievable. It is an investment plan that for the first time looks at all modes and goes beyond boundaries to consider connectivity across the whole of the South East.

“We believe it truly puts the South East and its communities at the centre, connecting people and business, improving access to education, healthcare, jobs and our green spaces.

“Once finalised, this plan will be the blueprint for future investment in strategic transport infrastructure for the next 30 years.”

The consultation closes on 12 September 2022.

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