Debit card replacement scheme for Dutch transport delayed

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Ovpay, a transport payment provider, has announced that its plan to replace a current public transport payment system, the Ov-chip card, with debit card payments, has been delayed until the end of 2022.

The replacement of the current chip card began in 2021, followed by an expected introduction of the new Ov-chip card this autumn.

Bas van Weele, program director for public transport payments at the Dutch transport industry, said: “I’m not happy with that, but it’s the way it is: we’ve had some setbacks on the technology side.

“It’s still software, so it’s always more complex than you think.

“The planning has been adjusted accordingly.”

The new system was designed to allow passengers to check in and out of transport modes using their own debit and credit cards. Those who only occasionally use the system will no longer have to purchase an Ov-chip card.

Ovpay claims there will be an accompanying app to support payment and route planning.

The new Ovpay system is reportedly undergoing testing across several area’s public transport networks.

Van Weele has suggested a delay of six months.

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