CoMoUK adds demand responsive transport to remit

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Shared transport charity Collaborative Mobility UK (CoMoUK) has expanded its focus to include Digital Demand Responsive Transport (DDRT) services.

CoMoUK is adding the services to its work which will include regular meetings with authorities about DDRT, an operator membership category for providers, and the organisation’s first research work into how to get the best out of DDRT alongside other forms of sustainable transport.

This is in addition to CoMoUK’s ongoing focus on bikeshare, car club, e-scooter share in trial areas, ride sharing and mobility hubs where sustainable transport options across public, shared and active transport come together.

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CoMoUK said its research has consistently shown that switching to shared transport increases those people’s use of public transport and active travel. 

Richard Dilks, chief executive of CoMoUK, said: “DDRT will play an increasingly important role in the future of shared transport.

“Shared transport is a vital part of the sustainable transport mix as it takes away the need to own a car, cuts cost of transport for many and boosts use of public transport and active travel.

“We look forward to working with all stakeholders engaged with DDRT to define best practice, spread its public benefits and therefore bring more sustainable transport options together.”

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The charity added while dial-a-bus services are not new, accessible smart technology has revolutionised how schemes operate.

DDRT involves not being tied to fixed routes and timetables, instead responding dynamically to passenger demand. It can also involve flexible schemes to get people to destinations – such as places of work – in areas not covered by public transport. Such schemes have recently been introduced in Aberdeenshire, Essex and the West Midlands. Lincolnshire has one of the largest and longest-running schemes in the UK.

Providers in CoMoUK’s DDRT membership include Arriva Click; Coachscanner; Ioki; Liftango; Padam Mobility; Ride Tandem; Viavan and Zeelo.

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