SkedGo launches MaaS service in Japan

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Mobility technology provider SkedGo has announced the launch of a proof of concept (PoC) project with mobility platform Shotl and a tech subsidiary of global trading company Itochu to bring demand responsive transport (DRT) and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) to a city in Japan.

The services comes to the city of Nōgata in the form of Android and iOS applications to plan, book and calculate fares for multimodal journeys. It reportedly incorporates all major public transport options.

SkedGo’s solution was developed to offer a smooth user experience, even for multi-leg journeys.

This year SkedGo has launched MaaS services in cities across the UK, including Manchester and Leicester.

John Nuutinen, CEO of SkedGo, said: “DRT serves to increase equal access to transport, in either urban or rural locations.

“In Japan, where more than 29% of the population is over 65, we’re excited to show how our world class routing algorithm can improve quality of life and support community needs.

“Working with Shotl and [ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation] CTC also enables us to demonstrate the flexibility of our MaaS platform globally, with hassle free in-app booking helping to reduce city congestion and dependence on private cars.”

SkedGo’s solution incorporates general transit feed specification (GTFS) data, which is designed so passengers are constantly updated on route changes, service updates, vehicle locations and congestion.

According to SkedGo, the zone-based DRT service connects with multiple first and last mile transport options to support a straightforward mobility platform.

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