AWS and BlackBerry develop data system for connected vehicles

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BlackBerry has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop an intelligent vehicle data platform.

The cloud-connected software platform will combine Blackberry’s automotive software with AWS’s portfolio of IoT and machine learning services to enable automakers to improve operations of connected vehicles.

The platform will run on the edge inside vehicle embedded systems but will be managed and configured in the cloud. According to BlackBerry, this will allow automakers to deliver new features, functionality and customer experiences over the lifetime of a vehicle.

It will also address critical data access, collection, and management problems in the automotive industry by offering simple in-vehicle API to access sensor data outputs, process that data and shares insights created with application developers.

Furthermore, the platform will provide automakers with a broader app development community as well as cross platform software compatibility, giving vehicle manufacturers more control and ownership of data.

The platform can be deployed to multiple OS and cloud platforms and no specialised embedded or automotive software skills are required to use it.

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